InThEdArK is now FULL PvP
May 17, 2020

Good Morning,

Below are the changes made to a FULL PvP server.

- Rates 500X | Adena 1000X
- Char Born LvL 80 with 250kk of Adena
- Subclass LvL 80
- All Raid Boss lvl 85
- Nobles Quest for sale
- Divine Enchant for sale by Event Medal
- Changed Drop of essential items in 10x
- Removed to buy Boss Event Medal Jewelry and Glitering Medal.
- Chance of Enchant changed to 70% (Normal or Ancient)
- Safe Enchant +6
- Enchant Max now and +25
- Changed values to earn Codex.
- Amount of Fame changed by Fortress or Castle.

Call your clan and come and discover the news.

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1º   RespecT 507 pvps
2º   Johna 393 pvps
3º   WanteD 374 pvps
1º   Corvis 23 pks
2º   RespecT 22 pks
3º   PublicEnemy 18 pks
1º   BlackLisT lv 11
2º   BARBAROS lv 11
3º   HispanoWizard lv 11
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