October 10, 2019

Good night,

New changes have been made to our server, they are:
- Changed Farm Zone from Wind | Water Mantra from Primeval to Imperial Tomb.
- Added a new Glitering Medal Drop Farm zone in Giant Cave in the Giants.
- Clans Halls that were unused for new clans were able to acquire them.
- Changed the Drop of Water | Wind Mantra to 11/6 to 22/12
- Changed Fire Mantra Drop from 5 to 22
- Changed XP and Hp of Imperial Tomb Mobs.
- Changed the drops of Antharas Lair High and Giant Cave High from 20 to 40 Glitering Event medal.
- Added Life Stone lvl 84 Drop with 10% chance on Antharas Lair High and Giant Cave High Mobs.
- Changed Raid Boss Drops to 2X.

All these changes will take effect tomorrow after the restart of the server.

Big Event: This Saturday from 00:00 The Drops will be at 2x until Sunday at 23:59.

Do not lose.


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1º   SuperRush 1366 pvps
2º   IiIiIiIiIiIiIiIi 1352 pvps
3º   EdiT 1314 pvps
1º   PretinhaPK 102 pks
2º   B0T 100 pks
3º   Asgaluz 61 pks
1º   GodZ lv 11
2º   UnderWord lv 11
3º   ElaGiwrgh lv 11
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