November 21, 2019

Good night,

There were some changes in our servers, bringing some news, follow them below:

- Reduced Farm zone and Integrated Mantra drops, removed Imperial Tomb zone leaving only 3 Mantra drops in SOA.
- Dropped SOA Element drops, and added for sale by Wind and Water Mantra on NPC TOP Attribute Items or by AioBooK.
- Changed the amount of points to Start Olympics from 10 Points to 50 Points, having a higher turnover and movement within the Olympics.
- Created a zone with 6 Raid Boss in PvP zone, where it has excellent drops like 100% enchant among others, generating more internal dispute between clans.
- The Antharas Lair zone with medal Glitering Drop has been removed, leaving now only the Giant Cave zone with the highest Mobs respawn within this zone.

Coming Soon More, call your clans and have fun in one of the best H5 configurations today.


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1º   SuperRush 1366 pvps
2º   IiIiIiIiIiIiIiIi 1352 pvps
3º   EdiT 1314 pvps
1º   PretinhaPK 102 pks
2º   B0T 100 pks
3º   Asgaluz 61 pks
1º   GodZ lv 11
2º   UnderWord lv 11
3º   ElaGiwrgh lv 11
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